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About Conclave:

Quality Council of India (QCI) is organising fifth Virtual Quality Conclave (VQC) on Automobile Sector: A way to Quality on 25th February 2020. The primary objective of the conclave is to discuss about how automobile sector in India plays a crucial role in achieving the vision of self-reliant India by understanding the current operations of the ecosystem, and pool in the necessary resources available to deliver the quality products in the market. The Conclave has been conceptualized to discuss to provide platform to key stakeholders of Automobile industry to deliberate on the Importance of Quality, Sustainable Mobility, Role of accreditation in the automobile sector and desirability of skilled manpower in the sector.


2: Key Objective of Conclave: 

  1. To create awareness on the Quality in Automobile Industry

  2. To help the Indian automotive industry (including component manufacturing) understand the importance of Quality and role of Accreditation in Automobile Sector 

  3. To provide information about the benefits of using skilled manpower and Sustainable technologies.

3: Who Should Attend or Target Audience? 

  • Representatives from Automobile Sectors i.e. both manufacturing and service sector.

  • Representatives of Federations, Associations, Govt, Non-Govt. organisations, Funding agencies, Bodies involved in checking the quality of goods, inspection bodies, certification bodies, testing laboratories.

  • Consultants

  • Suppliers


4: Eminent Speaker:

  • Eminent speakers from top Automobile Industry i.e.

Mr. Abhay Pathak, Tata Motors

Mr. Ramachandran Sivanesan, President , Ashok Leyland

5: The Conclave should witness following session:

  • Sustainable Mobility in Automobile Industry 

  • Assuring Quality in Automobile Sector

  • Use of Skilled Manpower in Automobile Sector

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