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6th Virtual Quality Conclave

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and National Board for Quality Promotion (NBQP), under the aegis of Quality Council of India (QCI) are jointly organising the sixth Virtual Quality Conclave (VQC) with the theme "Pursuit of Excellence in Healthcare” on 22nd March, 2021. The tireless pursuit of excellence demonstrated by the health professionals from all disciplines, across the world, never ceases to amaze us. This determination to ensure that the quality of healthcare is of the highest possible standard, despite the challenges and exigencies that plague its delivery, is truly a testimony to the strength and professionalism of those involved. This virtual quality conclave will draw together a range of perspectives and approaches in addressing the challenge of continuous quality improvement through the analysis and application of best practices in healthcare industry.

2: Key Objectives of Conclave: 

1. To deliberate on how to achieve excellence in various healthcare services through Accreditation

2. To help the healthcare organizations to Embark on the journey of Quality

3. To provide information about Future Prospective in Healthcare Excellence beyond Accreditation


3: Who Should Attend or Target Audience? 

  • Senior Management, professional and key representatives from various Healthcare Organizations

  • Representatives of Federations, Associations, Ministry of Health

  • Govt, Non-Govt. organisations

  • Students pursuing postgraduation courses in Healthcare Management 

4: Eminent Speaker:

     Eminent speakers from the Healthcare Industry

5: Sessions planned:

  • Achieving excellence through Accreditation 

  • Certification- Embarking on the journey of Quality

  • Future Prospective in Healthcare Excellence beyond Accreditation

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