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Digital Transformation and quality culture delivers value and competitive advantage. Digital transformation for manufacturing sector excellence needs to adapt smart operation by integrating robotics, IOT and artificial intelligence in value chain support and optimization. Industry is seeing the value proposition through investing in digital tools and digital business models. Fourth Industrial Revolution is emerging and evolving at an exponential pace and disrupting production, management, and governance. The Factory of the Future, Smart Manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are all parts of digital transformation. 


Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the value of Industry 4.0 with rapid learning and adaptability to new technology tools. Industry 4.0 leaders are reaping the benefits of their pre-pandemic investments as the businesses are achieving real scale at an accelerated pace.



  • Practical insights from industry leaders on process optimization, predictive maintenance, intelligent inspections, and advances in robotics

  • Learn latest technology trends, business strategies and how to build the culture for digital transformation

  • Learn agility and flexibility in operations for raising productivity and minimizing costs



  • Technology Pillars for future-proofing manufacturing quality 

  • Optimizing Production & Assembly using Digital Tools Stakeholders’ engagement for scaling up on productivity and quality

  • Integrating SMEs into Industry 4.0 regime and global value chains Strategic role of clusters

  • Implementation of projects for achieving critical mass

  • How to create culture of innovation and quality analysis for improvements

  • Measuring performance metrics and quality data 

  • Integrating quality management & Environment Health and Safety (EHS) with company culture



Eminent Speakers and Experts from Industry & Government 



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